Time to end Labour's Anti-Resident housing agenda in Slough

Not content with running rampant with taxpayer money, Slough Labour are determined to push through their anti-resident agenda of turning Slough into another commuter-belt London Borough, at the expense of local families.

The approval of a new housing development on the former Akzo Nobel site, passed by the votes of Labour councillors, highlights their lack of interest in ensuring housing developments in our town meets the needs of Slough residents.  With only 25% of these homes being family homes, why does Labour allow developers to squeeze 1000 homes on this site, 75% of which are only one and two bed?

Labour councillors disregard for everyday residents’ quality of life housing is clear, with the site offering not only a poor mix of family housing, but also a lack of outdoor space, either private or public, at a time when outdoors space is most critical given the coronavirus pandemic.

Labour’s poor record on quality of life is also highlighted in their support for this development, with their ignorance of the impact of the additional burden on other local residents this development will bring; squeezing an estimated 2000+ more residents will bring a minimum of 400 extra vehicles a day on the Wexham Road, which is already congested.

Slough Conservatives believe the housing needs of Slough residents and families should come first, and developments like this should have a mix of affordable family housing to meet local demand. Labour and its councillors pursuing an anti-resident agenda by pricing local families out of the town isn’t doing that.

Labour’s legacy of failing residents and squandering taxpayer money, only demonstrates their inability to represent our town. It is time the residents of Slough are put first before it is too late; residents can only trust Conservative councillors to put their interests first.


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