Slough Labour's £36.6k Propaganda Waste

Not content with just destroying local trade, creating bus lane chaos and neglecting resident needs, Slough Labour have run rampant with taxpayer money squandering £36.6k on propaganda material. The cost covered the printing and distribution of letters and One Slough booklets to residents.

This follows a series of projects wasting residents’ money; the bus lanes costed an estimated £60k, the new Council building equated to £1.4k per household and Council debt amounts to £18.8k per household.

It is disappointing that Labour have wasted money on PR vanity projects during a time of crisis, where residents need more support than ever before. These funds could have been better spent elsewhere to directly benefit residents. When will Labour begin putting residents first?

With a decaying high-street, bus lane chaos and a series of financial blunders, it is clear to all that Labour are not fit to lead and represent residents.

It is time for a change in Slough, residents deserve better.


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