Labour’s Manifesto is wide of the mark

I read with great interest Slough Labour’s manifesto for the local elections which they launched last week.

It feels to me like they have missed the point, and are trying to behave like a socialist junta – wasting money that isn’t really there, and at some point our kids will have to pay for. I didn’t see anything in there that focuses on the issues I know that myself and many people in Slough face day in day out.

Their policies for 10 years have contributed to the state that our town is in - forcing unsustainable development on a town that was already struggling to cope. All of this flashy investment on big new buildings gives Labour nothing more than a photo op – it is residents pay the price with failing basic services.

People are struggling with their bins being collected, many can’t park their car outside of their property because of the number of HMOs granted and overdevelopment, parents and their kids struggle and dice with death on dangerous roads on the way to school, fly-tippers aren’t being dealt with and our streets are filling with rubbish and we have a High Street so bad people feel unsafe going there. When will they realise that their primary job should be to deliver basic services well – not take over the world by trying to setup their own trading companies. They need to walk before they can run, and stop pulling the wool over our eyes.

Things are not good – and the sense I get is that there is a growing realisation amongst residents that Labour have let this town down. They have put our neighbourhoods under pressure, are affecting our quality of life and wasting our money. Enough is enough.

Charlie Olsen - Candidate for Cippenham Meadows