Bus Lane pioneer Cllr Anderson must resign

Residents are in despair as Slough Labour is set on destroying local trade, neglecting those with additional needs and continues to run rampant with taxpayer money. Sadly Labour have a long history of failure, with their indecisiveness creating chaos at Harrow Market, Station Road, and Tunes Lane to list but a few.

With sights of emergency vehicles stuck on the Sainsbury’s roundabout and increased traffic, it is clear to all that the bus lanes are an accident waiting to happen as Labour play with residents’ lives and drive businesses out.

Despite a petition (receiving 5,272 signatures), numerous written complaints and public outcry, Slough Labour is adamant to ‘make things a little bit more inconvenient’.

Given Labour’s refusal to listen to residents and lack of consideration towards those with additional needs, it is only fitting that bus lane pioneer Councillor Anderson (Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport and Environmental Services) resigns immediately.

With around 500 Slough children and young people receiving school home accessible transport, Conservative Leader Cllr Strutton highlighted his concern that the inability of private-hire vehicles, to use bus lanes will cause significant discomfort for wheelchair users and individuals with special needs.

Cllr Anderson’s bus lane chaos has only served to highlight his inability to lead and his failure to represent Slough’s residents. When will Cllr Anderson stop wasting resources and begin putting resident needs first?

It is time for a change in Slough. It is time for Labour to stop taking advantage of residents. It is time for bus lane pioneer Cllr Anderson to resign. Residents need to be listened to instead of being ridiculed. It is time for a change.