Speeding in Cippenham - Mercian Way, Moreton Way & Barnfield

Over the last few weeks, I have spoken to many of you on the door-steps about issues you face along your road with regards to speeding and road safety.

I understand from many of you that some irresponsible motorists have been speeding excessively down the roads, and actions taken by the current Labour councillors have either failed, been ineffective or absent entirely.

Over the last 10 years there have been over 100 vehicle accidents involving children in Cippenham. Where Labour fail to even mention this in their manifesto or leaflets, road safety is one of my top priorities, and I have already been working on similar issues with residents in roads like St Andrews Way and Dennis Way.

Therefore, I would like to get a better picture of the problem, and ideas and suggestions from residents so I can work on your behalf to campaign for improvements to make our roads safer. You can contact me directly at lee4cippenham@gmail.com or call me on 07972 229211. You can also send me feedback via a survey at the bottom of this page.

Once I have feedback I will collate them and start representing us at council to lobby for improvements that people believe will help. I consider this to be a big miss by both the council and our local Labour councillors. This is all made more difficult by me not being in a position of influence at the council - Unless we get people dedicated to helping local people out rather than being distracted by other vested interests, nothing is going to change.  

I would ask you to lend me your support in the local elections on Thursday 3rd May so that I can properly follow this through and fight for resolution. We can’t ignore dangerous roads and wait for another accident to happen – so let’s work together to try and tackle the issue properly.

Lee Pettman - Conservative Candidate for Cippenham Green

Speeding Survey - Mercian Way, Moreton Way & Barnfield

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