Sebastian Rysnik

Council Candidate, Britwell & Northborough

07506 356281


"I have lived and worked in Britwell with my family for over 16 years, and I brought my two children up in the area.

I care deeply about helping people in Britwell and Northborough, and want to stand up for those who are fed up with endless council tax rises & massive wasteful pay-outs, and give them a proper voice in decisions that are made.

I feel let down by our Labour-run council and our Labour councillors – who have ignored us for too long. This is why I am standing up for our area and running as a candidate in the council elections in May.

I am focusing my efforts for residents on:

  • Cleaning up and bringing back pride to our area by campaigning to put in more bins and introduce better recycling services
  • Getting council housing back into good use quicker – it is a travesty this Labour council allows properties sit empty for so long
  • Working with police and other agencies to focus on reducing the problem with anti-social behaviour in the area

I am here for residents – if you want to get in touch to raise issues or offer support, my details are on the back. I look forward to hearing from you!"


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