Meena Sharma

Council Candidate, Langley Kedermister

07814 112928


"Slough has been my home since the age of 5 and I have worked for companies such as Mars and Hitachi, as well as for local schools and charities.

Since last year I have felt the need to try and help improve things, not only for myself and my family but also for my neighbours and fellow residents. I want the residents’ voices to be heard on the real issues that matter to us and I am willing to fight for this.

Labour have failed to resolve too many problems affecting Kedermister residents. I’m disappointed that there is poor performance, a lack of accountability and too little transparency. My priority will be to make sure that these problems are urgently addressed.

I will focus my efforts for residents on:

  1. Finding a permanent and safe solution to the long standing problem of unsafe school drop offs and pickups.
  2. Creating a real and lasting solution to residents parking problems. Poorly thought out changes by current Labour councillors have made things worse rather than better for local residents.
  3. Holding the Council to account and making sure that council tax is used in a fair, transparent and efficient way for local services that benefit ALL residents.

I am here for residents – if you want to get in touch to raise issues or offer support, my details are on the back. I look forward to hearing from you!"


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