Chandra Muvvala

Council Candidate, Central

07872 903762


"I am a PCO/Uber license holder and work as IT consultant, holds Post Graduate degree from IIT. I have time, energy and passion to serve local community. I have been living in Langley, Slough for more than a decade and know Slough centre well. I have strong relationship with various local communities. I have taken part in various fund raising activities and contribute monthly to various charities like Red Cross, GOSH and Manavata. I took responsibility of complete well-being of 3 under privileged children through World Vision organisation.

I am a people person and always want a better change, I wish to bring good to the society always. Keen to do something for needy people and it will be correct path standing as a councillor. Having grown up children allows me to spend more time with local community.  We can achieve better with strong opposition, make me your voice so I can make Slough better. I am particularly passionate about education & employment, I want to empower people for a better future.

I feel let down by our Labour-run council and our Labour councillors – who have ignored us for too long. This is why I am standing up for our area and running as a candidate in the council elections in May from Slough Central Ward.

I am focusing my efforts for residents on:

  • Sorting out the high street after 10 years of neglect by this Labour council who have done virtually nothing to improve it
  • Providing better children's services to nurture and protect our young after years of failure and neglect by Labour
  • Putting quality of life first by focusing on better street cleanliness, tackling anti-social behaviour and improving road safety

I am here for residents – if you want to get in touch to raise issues or offer support, please do so. I look forward to hearing from you!"


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