Allison Miller-Ross

Council Candidate, Farnham

07581 545534


"I have lived in the Farnham ward for a number of years, working as a local authority training manager.

I am relatively new to politics but have an awareness of what is going on in our local area. I want to stand up for all residents not just the few. I want to make Farnham a cleaner, better and more prosperous area for us and our children to be proud of in the years ahead.

As a local resident, I feel let down by our Labour-run Council and our local Councillors – who have overlooked people in the area for far too long. This is why I am determined to stand up for our area and run as your Conservative Candidate in the Council elections in May 2019.

I am passionate about making sure we:

  • Provide cleaner and safer streets so that our children can play in safety without the fear of crime or a hazardous environment. I would like the streets to be litter free and for residents to be proud of where they live, bringing communities and diversities together.
  • Enable and encourage residents to recycle more waste, rather than see it go into expensive land-fill sites. By looking at the bigger picture incorporating climate change, removing plastics from our oceans and by creating healthier places to live, work and enjoy.
  • Ensure that we all understand the full benefits of living a healthier life. Providing a preventative, healthier lifestyle through all years of life, encouraging healthier food, sports and fitness through to looking after our elderly neighbours and friends, lessening the burden on our precious NHS and Social Care systems.

I would really appreciate your support in making our area a better place to live, work and enjoy and make Farnham, the place that people want to move to!"


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