Which green spaces will Labour build on next?

Slough Labour is putting our town under immense pressure, and that also includes an erosion of our green space against their own planning rules.

Back in 2017, the Labour-led council announced plans to dispose of two green spaces – one in Norway Drive in Wexham, the other in Mercian Way in Cippenham Green.

Now this year plans were confirmed for the Canal Basin area of the town around St Johns and St Pauls roads for redevelopment that would involve the loss of more green space, this time Bowyer Recreation Ground – land bequeathed to the people of Slough to be protected for their leisure.

These spaces are vital – for our health and wellbeing, as well as our environment. Residents should be proud of their local parks, and always know they are able to enjoy the nature in their area. We want families to be able to have a day out in the park with their loved ones, not look out their window and see concrete where grass should be.

That's why residents near Bowyer Recreational Ground came to us, to ask for our help because Labour, despite their promises, are putting their park at risk. In response, we launched our Save our Slough Green Spaces campaign and petition in support of them and all residents who value these parks will ensure that they are properly protected from development.

It is important that Bowyer, and spaces like it, are protected. We listened to residents, and they told us they truly value their green spaces, and we know this because over 1000 people have signed petition so far, urging Slough Labour to stop destroying our green spaces for redevelopment.

Where will they build next? Green spaces on our estates like those in Haymill at the Priory and around Blumfield? Our precious parks like Lascelles in Upton, Kedermister in Langley or Mercian in Cippenham? I have fond memories myself of these parks and playing fields, whether it be playing basketball in Lascelles, walking my dog in and playing football in Upton Court, or simply relaxing with friends in Kedermister. We cannot allow this Labour Council to destroy these iconic green spaces.

To keep our green spaces protected and support investment to make them better, I would urge residents to back our campaign and support our candidates in Thursday 2nd May at the local elections.

Rhys Williams - Candidate for Chalvey