We must act to Save Our Slough High Street after 10 years of Labour neglect - Sign our petition to help bring it to an end


The dissatisfaction of residents with Labour over our town centre runs deep...

Our campaign to save Slough High Street is not one born of mere disregard for the way Labour are in Slough - it is completely justified in the face of their actions during their time running the council over the last 10 years.

Over that 10 year period, there has been a litany of errors in the way they have managed development proposals, vague news releases and spin about their vision for the High Street and 'jam tomorrow' announcements that have resulted in very little action actually materialising to improve our town centre.

You only have to take a look back over 10 years to see that in that time Labour has promised the earth and delivered very little when it comes to regenerating and renewing our high street... and the bad news just keeps on coming:

This horrific timeline of failure means that Slough Labour have allowed:

  • Slough to fall behind every other town in the UK, moving from 57th in 2008 to 163rd in 2018 in the national index of shopping destinations - despite the well documented challenges with retailers and the high street. Even the councils own monitoring report highlighted it in 2017. 
  • Our town centre economy to lose money and jobs to other local towns, as shown by a study commissioned for Reading Council measuring the size of Slough's retail economy £412m in April 2016, but highlighting it loses around half of that to outside of the borough. This neglect is costing residents jobs.
  • Retailers and partners to lose faith and confidence in Slough, in the face of years of lack of progress in our town regeneration, as highlighted by the damning feedback from a company who had plans to make our town the world’s first ‘wireless gigabit and Smart City' but withdrew because of lack of interest from Slough Labour.
  • A 'Brain Drain' of our talented young people away from Slough, who have to move away to study at university as council plans to resurrect higher education in Slough continue to go from promise to promise, but inevitably end up with nothing materialising. Our town is poorer without the young people who grow up here.

The truth is - that despite well known challenges with retailing and high streets - Slough Labour has spent 10 years cooking up plans and proposals, none of which have gone anywhere. In the meantime, Slough residents are left with a run-down high street that means for most purposes they must go outside of the borough – to towns like Bracknell, whose council has transformed the town centre into a place people really want to visit and live.

We believe enough is enough - residents deserve so much better, and it is time for them to to fully disclose what is going on with the existing proposals, what their plan is to move things forward and what impact further delays will have on our local economy - or move aside and let others take control.

We are asking residents to make their voice heard and sign our petition so that we can try to bring an end to 10 years of failure.

Slough Conservative Association