Slough Labour's Voter ID Shame

Whilst the government presses on with trialling a variety of pilot schemes across the country that are aimed a better securing our vote from fraud, Slough Labour continues its long journey this week from supporting such schemes to outright objection to them.

The timeline of Labour's u-turn stand testament to their lack of willingness to work to combat this growing problem locally here in Slough...

We at Slough Conservatives are clear - we must do everything we can to trial different ways of reducing electoral fraud. The Electoral Commission itself published figures for 2017 this time last year showing that only one conviction was upheld on the basis of hundreds of complaints - proving our current processes just do not work, and need reform. 

We will continue to support efforts to include Slough in any pilots, and will continue to work with the government to ensure that any changes not only reduce and combat fraud, but are also fair and just. We will not just walk away like Slough Labour. 

Lee Pettman - Chair, Slough Conservatives

Cllr. Wayne Strutton - Leader, Slough Conservative Group