Protecting our town's environment is vital for the health of our town & our planet

Protecting our environment is more vital in Slough than most towns, and our local Councillors and Association have already been doing a lot of campaign work to support residents in doing just that.

I am committed to ensuring we build on this work – and affect real change in our town. I want to work to protect in law all our public green spaces in Slough, and as MP I will be working with the relevant Government Ministers & departments to do just that.

Green spaces are so important to our general health & wellbeing – especially given the challenges Slough faces. Labour have all too often ignored this and allowed developments on these spaces, and Tan has done nothing to support residents with protecting them at the national level.

We also have the challenge of proposed Heathrow expansion. Despite the airport providing many residents with jobs, the concerns around the impact on health and the environment are not unfounded, and Tan Dhesi and the local Labour Council have failed to hold Heathrow fully to account on it.

As MP, I would challenge Heathrow to bring forward more detailed proposals for how the impacts of expansion might be better mitigated, and my personal support would depend on their willingness to support our community to ensure we are not adversely affected.

Since 2010 much progress has been made by the Conservatives in protecting our environment – from leading the World in cutting CO2 emissions and dependency on dirty fossil fuels, to cutting single-use plastics.

A vote for me – and for a majority Conservative government in this election – would be a commitment to ensuring we accelerate and build on this to become carbon neutral by 2050, so that we have a more sustainable future for our town and our planet, and I will be working hard championing this locally and nationally.


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