Labour's misuse of the public purse in our town

The way Labour are treating residents in Slough is appalling.

At a time when families are finding it harder to save for a first home and start a family.

At a time when the number of vulnerable  and special education needs children has increased and are in desperate need of council support that never comes.

At a time when the town is struggling to employ social workers to make sure our children are safe and vulnerable families are supported.

At a time when our air pollution levels are the worst in the south east and this council is more concerned with business and profit than the health of our young and elderly.

At a time when Slough’s children have the worst dental health in the UK. When obesity levels are rocketing, one of the highest in the UK and the council are building on playing fields.

At a time when Slough needs an injection of investment and ideas that will breath new life into our dying and crime ridden town centre.

At a time when we have 3,800 unlicensed landlords who rent to young families and have no council checks or safeguarding checks carried out.

At a time when the council have spent up to £48m - yes £48 Million - on a new building, just two years after investing millions of your money in their old one.

This Labour council is morally corrupt and takes your votes for granted. Don’t take my word for it, go and have a look around the new building. Walk around the beautiful Hi-tech meeting rooms, expensive smartboards, electronic bins and rather flash washrooms. Two floors are completely empty of course, the result of failed promises from the council to make the new HQ financially viable by renting out the extra spaces to commercial businesses.

And now, the icing on the cake, debts of £550m – for a cinema in Basingstoke and a distribution centre in Bradford, of all places.

At a time when we should be investing in Slough, its structure, its children, its future - they are spending millions and employing people outside the town.

This is a Labour policy, a failed policy, where your children and grandchildren will be picking up the bill for years to come.

Cllr. Paul Kelly - Haymill & Lynch Hill Ward