It is time all Slough candidates committed to playing fair & clean in this election campaign

Voters expect the highest standards of integrity and behaviour during election campaigning. 

Attempts have been made by some to smear my campaign, as well as other Conservative candidates across the country.  If other candidates seek to smear – or make unfounded accusations in search of political gain, then that is a matter for them.  And, they should prove it.

For my part I want to be clear, that at no point has the local and national Conservative campaign been involved with – or funded by – any external political entity, here in the UK or abroad – ever.

My campaign has focused 100% on local issues since the day I was selected – and will continue to do so right through until the election, because this is what matters in Slough.  It is what taxpayers expect, not meddling in extraneous matters overseas, that have only created divisions in our communities, when there was complete harmony.

I am passionate about Slough and ALL our communities and, if selected as the local MP, I will champion prosperity and growth for all residents.  Above all, I will ensure that Brexit is done, something that Slough voted for.

Even at this late stage in the election campaign, and in the true British spirit of fair play, a hallmark of our DNA, I am inviting my fellow parliamentary candidates to sign the Jo Cox Foundation pledge to run a clean, respectful election campaign and allow the voters to decide based on policy and record.



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