End Labour's Bus Lane Chaos Now

Slough Labour continues to cause mayhem in the town with its bus lane chaos, evading initial consultation and running rampant wasting taxpayer money.

At the last full council meeting on 21st July (which you can view online here), Labour leader Cllr Swindlehurst vowed to ‘make things a little bit more inconvenient for car drivers’, despite two petitions calling for the abolishment of the bus lanes running from the Huntercombe Spur to Uxbridge Road. When will Labour stop wasting resources and begin putting resident needs first?

Despite Slough Labour’s catastrophic attempts to justify taking advantage of residents, using the façade of helping the environment, it is clear to all that it will only serve to increase congestion and consequently poor air quality, and make the roads less safe for everyone. Given the current bus lane chaos, the plans to implement a four lane scheme in Langley high-street could potentially see a repeat with similar bus lanes being installed. 

The Conservative group of councillors proposed a motion at the full council meeting for an immediate change to Labour’s bus lane regime, aiming to re-balance the distribution of traffic by allowing many vehicles back into the bus lane- all electric vehicles and private hire vehicles. Sadly, Labour rejected this and fails to recognise that the new bus lanes are a disaster, instead adamant on forcing policies upon residents.

We are disappointed that Labour refuses to act upon resident views and instead choose to prioritise creating PR opportunities, at the expense of mismanaging taxpayer money. Labour’s latest chaos has only called into question their ability to lead and represent Slough’s residents. You can still sign the official council petition here online to express your opposition to Labour's chaos, and email your views directly to tfs@slough.gov.uk

It is time for a change in Slough. It is time for Labour to stop taking advantage of residents. It is time to vote for a party who will listen to residents, instead of ridiculing them.

If you want change in Slough, please join our local party by signing up online here or donate online to help us with our campaign workEvery member and donation will help us rid Slough of Labour's chaos.