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Let's put Slough at the centre of a Global Britain post-Brexit

Today we have written to the new Secretary of State for International Trade Liz Truss MP and the newly appointed Freeports Advisory Panel she announced last week to ask them to consider Slough as one of the up to ten proposed new ‘Freeports’ that the government are looking to establish post-Brexi

Slough Labour's £36.6k Propaganda Waste

Not content with just destroying local trade, creating bus lane chaos and neglecting resident needs, Slough Labour have run rampant with taxpayer money squandering £36.6k on propaganda material. The cost covered the printing and distribution of letters and One Slough booklets to residents.

Bus Lane pioneer Cllr Anderson must resign

Residents are in despair as Slough Labour is set on destroying local trade, neglecting those with additional needs and continues to run rampant with taxpayer money.

End Labour's Bus Lane Chaos Now

Slough Labour continues to cause mayhem in the town with its bus lane chaos, evading initial consultation and running rampant wasting taxpayer money.