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Slough Councils Recycling Rates Shame

This week I will be asking the Slough Borough Council cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Rob Anderson, why Slough’s performance on recycling rates is so awful compared to the Berkshire and National rates.

Slough Labour’s planned council office move lets residents down again

As the Labour Party nationally fails to distance itself from anti-Semitism, the local Slough Labour Party also is unable to shake of its sleazy image. The broken moral compass of both is clear, unless that is, if you are a Labour member who just dismisses these accusations as opposition smears.

Councillor Darren Morris

We are deeply saddened by the news that on 23rd February 2017 our fellow Conservative Councillor for Haymill and Lynch Hill ward Darren Morris passed away at the age of 48.

He was a passionate and dedicated councillor working hard, especially taking care of those less fortunate.