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Slough Labour's Voter ID Shame

Whilst the government presses on with trialling a variety of pilot schemes across the country that are aimed a better securing our vote from fraud, Slough Labour continues its long journey this week from supporting such schemes to outright objection to them.

After 10 years of failure in Slough, the curtain must fall for Labour

On Friday 18th January, local Slough Conservative members met at their AGM to elect a new set of officers to lead the Slough Association and discuss our plans for the year ahead. As a new elected team, we couldn’t be more honoured to serve our members and residents in 2019.

Slough Councils Recycling Rates Shame

This week I will be asking the Slough Borough Council cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Rob Anderson, why Slough’s performance on recycling rates is so awful compared to the Berkshire and National rates.

Slough Labour’s planned council office move lets residents down again

As the Labour Party nationally fails to distance itself from anti-Semitism, the local Slough Labour Party also is unable to shake of its sleazy image. The broken moral compass of both is clear, unless that is, if you are a Labour member who just dismisses these accusations as opposition smears.