Candidates host Deputy Police Commissioner on crime issues in Langley

Residents and local leaders in Langley met with Matthew Barber, Deputy Police Commissioner for the Thames Valley to discuss the increase in burglaries, theft, anti-social behaviour, drugs and violent crime in the area.

They shared their experiences and concerns with him; he explained that current actions being taken to tackle these issues and future plans will include increased powers to prosecute offenders of crime, use of tagging and documenting and monitor young people involved in drug dealing.

Also, more work is being done with schools across the area to act as a prevention measure, as well as plans to work closer with the Council to ensure there is more lighting on alleyways and a review of Policing in the area to ensure more visibility in Langley area will be prioritised. 

Our candidates in Langley are already standing up for residents in the fight for a safer Langley, and using their influence to get more focus on it in the area. Please support them on Thursday 2nd May to ensure they can continue to do the hard work.

Christine Bamigbola - Candidate for Langley St Mary's

Meena Sharma - Candidate for Langley Kedermister