10 years on... still no hope on our High Street from Labour

At full council last week Cllr. Anna Wright submitted a question to Cllr. Martin Carter, Cabinet Member for Planning & Transport asking him:

"Cllr Carter stated at full council meeting in September 2018 that big news would emerge by the end of the year on the development of the high street. Could be please share the big news and elaborate on this development?"

His written response says all you need to know about how little control Slough Labour have over the issue of developing our High Street...

"The Council are equally frustrated that the private developer has not bought forward the announcement on the timetable suggested and we are assured that they will soon be in a position to share their announcement for commencing works in Slough." 

Who knows how much longer we will wait... we have waited 10 years for them to act, and they have achieved virtually nothing. Perhaps residents will have to wait another 10 years before that big news finally does arrive.

Slough Conservative Association