Slough deserves better - Help us build a positive vision for our town

Slough Labour has been in control of the council for 10 years, yet time and time again it has been found wasting taxpayers money, delivering substandard services and in chaos and disunity. Their litany of failures continues to grow, with more and more bad news everyday...

  • £40m+ borrowed to buy a new oversized council office from a firm based in an offshore tax haven
  • £350k wasted on a private fire crew to guard the ill-thought through Nova House purchase
  • Slough town centre falling to 163rd place in the shopping destination rankings, down over 100 places in just 10 years
  • Yet more retailers leaving the town with the imminent closure of Mothercare in September
  • A new Chief Executive appointed in July - the fourth in just 3 years following payoffs and accusations of bullying

Now more than ever we believe our town needs new leadership, and a new vision to revitalise and regenerate the town and its High Street. So we are launching our biggest ever residents survey to ask - what do you think the vision for Slough should be? What big ideas do our residents have to change the town? What should be done to make the town a better place for residents to live and work in? We want to work with residents to build a new vision, so that we can fight for a Slough that truly works for everyone. So please, complete our short survey and tell us what you think.

Slough deserves better residents survey

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Labour has let our high street decline

The Labour Party in Slough has been in power for 10 years and each year under their control the high street has deteriorated. Under their watch the high street has become a sad, soulless, embarrassment to residents.