Sign the Petition to Demand Voter ID in Slough

Sign the Petition Now! Demand Voter ID in Slough

For years, Labour has let residents down when it comes to Voter ID - flip-flopping in its support for introducing trials in the town, which we highlighted earlier this year (find this information here on our website). 

Slough was highlighted in 2015 by the Electoral Commission itself as one of the highest risk areas in the country for voting fraud, and following the successful running of Voter ID trials in several boroughs across the country in the last two years, plus more recent controversy surrounding the security of each of our votes, now is the time for the Labour-run council to do the right thing and help to secure our democracy by backing Voter ID trials in Slough for next years Local Election in May 2020.

To put pressure on the council to do so we have launched a petition, which you can sign by following the link below:


Please ensure you are signing as a resident or Slough, or as someone who studies or works within the borough.

Once you have signed please make sure you share the link to this page so that we can get to 1500 signatures and trigger a debate at a future meeting of the full council. You can share to social media by using the buttons at the top of this page.