Road Safety around Langley Hall Primary Academy

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Parents and the Headteacher at Langley Hall Primary Academy have repeatedly asked Slough Borough council to review the safety crossing near the school around Station Road.

The council have been repeatedly refused to improve the current layout and road crossing which would provide safety for children and peace of mind for parents.

One parent we spoke with describes the lack of a crossing near the school entrance as an accident waiting to happen. A few months ago, her child came within a few inches of being knocked down just outside the school as she crossed the road on one school morning.

Other parents have described to us that they are forced to rely on driver discretion, who are mostly in a hurry in the morning but also when the school closes.

In order that we can properly represent residents and parents as widely as possible, we are inviting residents to submit their views here. We will also be canvassing door to door to meet residents as possible to talk about the issues.

Please also contact us directly if you want to talk more about this issue, our contact details can be found in the links below.

Christine Bamigbola - Candidate for Langley St Mary's

Meena Sharma - Candidate for Langley Kedermister

Langley Hall Academy Road Safety Survey

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