Residents survey on parking restrictions in the Talbot/Barton area

Following consultation back in December 2017, our ward councillor in Langley St Mary's Amarpreet Dhaliwal has been working with Slough Borough Council on the next steps for finding the right solution to parking issues in this area covering the following roads:

  • Talbot Avenue
  • Newton Close
  • Barton Road
  • Alderbury Road
  • Alderbury Road West
  • Darwin Road
  • Saxon Close
  • Morley Close

During the consultation last year the majority of residents were not in favour of the scheme that had been proposed by Slough Borough Council, but following that it has now been recognised by them that there are a variety of parking issues in the area and which deserve wider consultation on, so there is now an informal survey consultation out for the residents in these roads which asks residents for their opinions on three possible solutions:


1. Residents Permit Scheme

This scheme would have to apply to a whole road as otherwise it could result in displacement parking and have a negative impact on the rest of the road. There is a non-negotiable annual fee of £25 for one permit and £50 for two permits. In addition to this you can also purchase visitors vouchers if you wish. More information on this scheme can be found in the following link;

2. Pavement Parking Scheme

This scheme would involve an engineer visiting the reported locations and designing a scheme which prevents vehicles from being able to park obstructively on the road, pavements, junctions and bends. This would be addressed through a combination of prohibiting parking on narrow pavements, junctions and bends, and permitting parking with 2 wheels up on pavements that were wide enough to accommodate it.

3. Single Yellow Line with a timed restriction

This type of restriction is commonly used to assist with obstructive parking that occurs at specific times (e.g. during school pick up and drop offs) or all day (e.g. commuter parking). For example the timed restriction could apply from 9am to 10am and again from 3am to 4pm. However it is important to understand that this restriction would apply to all road users so even residents would not be permitted to park in their road during these restricted hours.


We would urge all residents in these streets to respond to the consultation - letters have been delivered door-to-door but you can also find a copy of the letter and survey response form on this page to download. The formal survey response to Slough Borough Council needs to be back no later than Friday 14th September.

We would also urge you to contact us with any feedback or contributions you might have - Amarpreet is keen to hear ideas residents might have that can help us to find a solution that works for everyone; you can do that by completing the feedback form on this page or by contacting us directly:

Councillor Amarpreet Dhaliwal - Ward Councillor for Langley St Mary's

Christine Bamigbola - Ward Lead for Langley St Mary's

You can also contact our office directly at

As ever we welcome any feedback from residents about this or any issue, so please do get in contact.



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Informal consultation for parking restrictions in the Langley Talbot/Barton area

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