Langley Anti-Social Behaviour

Our team around Langley have been increasingly aware over the last months of problems with anti-social behaviour in the Langley High Street area, and have been out and about talking to local residents to understand more about what is going on. We have been hearing about problems associated with:

  • Drug-abuse and open dealing in the streets
  • Violent behaviour and fighting
  • Loud and anti-social noise
  • Suspected prostitution
  • Theft & fraudulent activity

Whilst local Police are aware of the issues, we are supporting local residents in the area and our Councillors have raised the issue at council to see what can be done to draw attention to the issues and get them resolved as quickly as possible, including:

  1. Arranging a meeting with local Neighbourhood Sergeants 
  2. Getting the council to work with Thames Valley Police more closely 
  3. Providing residents with incident diaries

Our advice to residents is simple - we need people to raise the issues through the proper channels so that voices can be heard and complaints properly followed through.

In the first instance if a suspected crime is being committed residents should contact Thames Valley Police, and details of this can be found here online.

Secondly we urge you to contact us so that we can properly log issues with the council and co-ordinate with residents to get the right resolutions. You can do that by completing our incident and feedback form below, or by contacting any of our Langley team directly by following the links below to find contact details:

Councillor Amarpreet Dhaliwal - Ward Councillor for Langley St Mary's

Christine Bamigbola - Ward Lead for Langley St Mary's

You can also contact our office directly at

We welcome any feedback around this or any issue - so please, get in contact by filling in our incident form below.

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