Elmshott Lane Redevelopment

Our team are closely monitoring the proposed redevelopment at the existing Co-Op site on Elmshott Lane in Cippenham and will be supporting residents closely as the application progresses. 

The details of the plans can be viewed here with the Planning reference being: P/04670/014. 

Our member, Patrick O'Connor has responded to the latest proposed redevelopment of Elmshott Lane: 

In 2018, Slough Borough Council rejected an application from Mirenpass Limited to overhaul the row of shops and residential buildings from 17-31 Elmshott Lane.

This application was rightly rejected over valid concerns that it would be overbearing on residents living nearby, that it did not meet the needs of the families of Slough, and that it would lead to more traffic on nearby roads.

The application made two years ago proposed the building of 119 flats.  The latest application proposes the building of 84 flats on the Elmshott Lane site.  This consists of 9 three bedroom flats, 19 two bedroom flats and 56 one bedroom flats.  While it is clear that this application proposes fewer flats, some serious concerns remain.

Only 16 of the 84 proposed flats, are considered “affordable”.  Of these, 9 are one bedroom properties, and 7 are two bedroom properties.  There are no “affordable” three bedroom flats.

The fact that 66% of the proposed flats are one bedroom properties, reinforces our belief that this application does not serve the residents of Cippenham Green.  They do not support the needs of local residents for family homes in Slough, and the majority of these properties will remain unaffordable.

Moreover, the provision of parking remains unaddressed.  Within the drawings of this plan, there are 26 parking spaces identified for ‘Residents Parking’.  Clearly, this will not suffice for the amount of individuals likely to be living within the development.  The applicant is seemingly of the belief that nearly 75% of households in the proposed development will not have access to a vehicle.  This is a short-sighted a naïve view.

This raises clear and pressing questions. Where will residents whom are not secured a parking space seek to park their cars?  Where will their guests find space to park their cars?  Any new resident will not be guaranteed spaces in the allocated retail parking, and will be forced to park in alternative areas. This will likely lead to an increase in on-road parking (in particular on Washington Drive) and wider congestion in the local area.  The applicant should have proposed, as a minimum, a 1:1 ratio of parking spaces to residential properties. 

This development will have a huge impact on the residents of Cippenham Green.  When you consider the logistics of the development, it presents serious concerns.  A development of this size will require a large proportion of heavy vehicles such as concrete trucks, and in particular ‘muck lorries’ to excavate the under-ground car park. This is particularly troubling considering the proximity of Cippenham Primary School, being only 50 metres away, and the proposed developments location in relation to a busy traffic junction.  Where will these construction vehicles gain access to the site? Have any considerations been made to the noise pollution of such a development, in relation to nearby residents and local educational facilities?

Applications of this nature are undoubtedly encouraged by the housing policies of Slough Borough Council.  Leader of the Council, Cllr Swindlehurst whom represents Cippenham Green, has founded his approach to housing on the building of majority one bedroom properties.  Put simply, it fails to address the needs of local residents for the type of housing they require.  The serious concerns raised about this particular application serve as a testament to the unsustainable, and short-sighted approach taken by the council.

The proposal fails to provide adequate parking facilities for residents, thereby inducing new parking issues in the local vicinity. In all likelihoods, a development of this size will increase pressures on local infrastructure, and negatively impact on the lives of local people. It is therefore clear that this proposed development is devoid of consideration for the nearby residents of Cippenham Green.

The development should be roundly rejected for these reasons.

If you wish to object to this development, and to express your concerns, you can submit a representation to Slough Borough Council either by email to planning@slough.gov.uk or as a paper copy to:

Planning Department
Slough Borough Council
Observatory House
25 Windsor Road