Cippenham Parks Improvement Survey

Have your say on how we could improve our parks & precious green spaces in Cippenham

I have spoken to many residents over the last 6 months who have said that we need to ensure we protect our parks and green spaces in Cippenham. They are spaces we can be proud of, and to a large extent define the character of the area. As a local party we are committed to ensuring that all of our green spaces in Slough are fully protected from any future proposed development. We have many parks and green spaces in the area:

  • Mercian Way Recreation Ground
  • Cippenham Village Green
  • Deerwood Park
  • Cippenham Recreation Ground
  • Little Chapels Open Space
  • Richards Way
  • Eltham Playing Fields
  • Lodge Farm Park

Residents are keen not only to protect them - but to improve them too. I am keen therefore to hear what you might have to say about how we might improve our parks to make them cleaner, brighter and safer for the benefit of all residents, young and old. I will then ensure that we look carefully at how we can make improvements in the future, tapping into any funding we might be able to working with local community groups such as the Cippenham Residents Association and local sports clubs.

I would also like to hear from you if you are finding any issues related to our parks and green spaces - any issues with crime such as vandalism or drug taking, or issues regarding cleanliness and upkeep - so that we can look to address these better now and in the future.

Please let me know what you think - and if you would like to contact me directly then please do (find my details in the link below), I am really keen to stand up for all residents in Cippenham to help improve our village.

Lee Pettman - Candidate for Cippenham Green

Cippenham Parks Improvements Survey

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